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Let’s face it, video is now dominating the internet and especially Youtube and Facebook. Here at E-Video Agency we can help provide you with any kind of marketing video for your website, social media sites or e-commerce store.

We can also advise you on what type of video would best suit your requirements and are happy to work with you until you are fully satisfied with your video and do it within your budget, whatever that may be.

Video Testimonials

We have a system to enable you to collect and download video testimonials from your customers which greatly help build your reputation and increase sales.

SEO Services

We can do basic SEO Services and help you to understand the type of things you need to do in order to get found in the search engines easily.

Video Ads

We have a range of different types of video ads which you can see some examples of a bit further down the page. Let us know which style interests you the most.

Web Design

We build very sleek and professional websites for any type of business and do it for a cost that will not break the bank. Get in touch for a quote.

Reputation Management

We have a system for checking and monitoring your online reviews and what other people are saying about you online and then can provide solutions to improve your reputation.

E-Book Design

Another thing that we offer are a selection of E-Books in different areas of Internet Marketing such as Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. We can also make them for you.

Some Video Marketing FACTS



-Video viewers are 64-85% MORE likely to buy a product after watching a relevant video!-


Video posted to social media generates 1200% MORE shares than text & image posts COMBINED!


62% of consumers are more likely to have a NEGATIVE opinion of a brand that releases low quality videos!


Businesses using video increase yearly revenues 49% FASTER than those that don’t!


51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI


Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Pages.

With Our Videos You Can



With our animated video production company your complex ideas will turn into simple yet intriguing visuals that your audience will love.


Use the power of our hand-crafted custom videos to engage your visitors and compel them to take immediate action


Use our animation video creation process for carefully tailored storytelling to evoke instant human emotion


Our thoughtfully crafted videos can help you get more Conversion, generate Leads, Buzz and increase brand awareness

Video Examples


We produce a variety of different styles of videos. Check them out below and see what is good for you.

Facebook Headers

Our Customized Facebook FB Headers Videos Will Engage Your Potential Customers.

If you are not using a customized video header on your business’s Facebook page, you are missing out on a huge opportunity!

Animated Videos

We offer a range of professionally animated commercials that do a fantastic job of engaging your potential customers and helping your business stand out from the crowd.

Lyric Videos

Do you need subtitles added to a performance video? Or perhaps you would like a production with photos and videos to match your words like the one above. Get in touch and we’ll let you know how we can help turn your words into a video masterpiece!

Traditional Videos

We offer a range of professional traditional style commercials that serve many different niches. Our customers love these and we pride ourselves on their extremely high quality.

Whiteboard Videos

We also have a range of whiteboard animated commercials that are a very popular style for people to watch and engage with on the internet.

Spokesperson Videos

We can produce a video with a top spokesperson professional that looks like it has been recorded in your place of business by using our special technology.

Kinetic Videos

On the internet it is good to have a pattern interrupt sometimes and that is what Kinetic Style videos do. Viewers find them strangely addictive as they don’t know where the text will come next.


We have a large number of Templates which we can sell to you directly so you can get creative with or we can use to create your own personalised version just for your own business.

Intros and Outros

Creating a good first impression is vital and our Video Stingers do just that. We also do animated Intros and Outros and Calls To Action to engage with Social Media Channels. These add a real touch of high class professionalism to the video.

Facebook Ad Example

We create scroll stopping Facebook ads which are designed to grab the viewers attention as they are scrolling down the page.

Facebook Ads

Very few marketers realize that 80% of FB videos are watched WITHOUT sound. We have many different templates which you can choose from and then give us the text and photos and we will produce a video specifically designed for getting clicks on facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Example

Another example of the kind of attention grabbing facebook viewers attention as they scroll.

Instagram Stories

We also make portrait style videos for Instagram and Facebook Stories which are fun and engaging and can help to keep you in your customers thoughts.

Reputation Management


We offer a full reputation management solution and here are some reasons why you should consider joining us.

Get Qualified Leads

People who see your testimonials will be much more likely to get in touch knowing that there are others out there who you provided a great service for and that are happy to share their experience.

  • 90% of consumers read an online review before purchasing goods or services.
  • Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews.
  • 72% say that positive reviews help them trust a local business a lot more.
  • 86% of people will not purchase from a company with bad reviews online.
  • A one star increase in online ratings relate to a 5-9% increase in sales for the company.

Introductory Offer


Special Introductory Pay What You Want Offer

We at E-Video Agency realise that things are difficult for many businesses right now and as a way to do our bit to help we are offering a special pay what you want offer on any of the special logo videos you can see on the video on the right.

All you need to do is schedule a call below and mention the special offer and we will happily set it up for you.

We won’t pressure you into doing further business with us but we are willing to have a free 15 minute chat with you about your online requirements.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you better succeed online with good quality video.

Our Working Process In Just 3 Quick Steps:


This is the working process for getting your video adverts ready.

1 – The Script

We have ready made videos you can choose from which we can customise for you or in our Premium packages we’ll work with you to create a script to deliver your message.

You’ll need to think about what you want the Video to tell people about – are you selling a product or service, or maybe just trying to explain a concept?

2 – Voice Over

It’s really important that we choose the right voice to convey your message. You’ll need to think about whether a male or female voice will be the best fit.

We have a range of artists and we’ll help you decide what would be best for your video and get your script professionally recorded.

3 – Delivery

Production finished, it’s time to publish. We’ll send your completed HD video file to you and you use it wherever you require.

Alternatively, we can publish it to YouTube – either on our channel or your own. You can then use the link to the video on your website or wherever else you choose.


David Nicoll – Poet – Lyric Videos

Barry Nicol – Artist & Poet

“We recently used E-Video Agency to edit a large number of our videos. This work included the creation of various intros and outros and we are highly delighted with the imaginative ideas they included in the videos they produced for us. They completed the work promptly and professionally and we have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Dawn Lester & David Parker

Researchers and Authors, What Really Makes You Ill

“We have been working with E-Video Agency for a number of months and they have certainly given value for money as they continue to supply us with a high standard of photos and videos to help us brand our school on Social Media. This has been a great help to us as we can relax knowing that element of our marketing is being taken care of by professionals.”

Ilke Sayiner

School Owner, Türk-İngiliz Kültür Derneği

“E-Video Agency supplies us with our Social Media images on a Weekly basis in an efficient and timely manner. They have a system set up to make it very easy for me to write a simple description for the photos and place on our Social Media accounts. I would highly recommend working with their Team.”

Fatih Yildirim

Manager, Türk-İngiliz Kültür Derneği

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