Video Portal

We have an amazing video portal which puts the power of video creation directly into your own hands.

Get access to our written and video testimonial service combined with access to our video portal.

Pay for a full year and get a discount. 

There are many different styles of video in the portal and one of them is for Logo Stingers.  Please be patient while all the demos load.

We have provided a selection of them on the right and remember you don't need to put your logo in them.

It is up to you how creative you want to be and if you need help putting the videos together then get in touch and we'll do our best to advise or help you.

Over the years of making videos for customers we realised that is easier, faster and more economical for them if they can make videos themselves without much complication.

So these videos combined with the Testimonial service cannot go wrong in getting new clients for a very small investment. Try it out to see for yourself the benefits.

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