By creating your own information product you can be assured you can receive 100% of your

sales however, using an affiliate program can expose your eBook to many more people and

further increase your sales.

The steps to creating an eBook are easy to follow and, if you get it right, you can achieve this in 24 hours.

The first step is to select your subject. Google is a fantastic resource in identifying “hot topics”. When on Google homepage, start typing “how to” followed by a, then b and so on. Each time Google will suggest the next words which portray the most popular search terms currently inserted into Google.

Select a topic from the suggestions and begin to formulate your eBook.

To begin, list at least five different points to cover within the subject, including the history, and then, break each of these five points down into another five points, and so on.

Looking at each point, begin to create statements, sentences or phrases, further elaborating on each point and providing information to your reader.

On completing each point within a point, you can see a book beginning to formulate and, depending on your preference, you can go on further to add more content.

Once you are happy with your content, proof read this or better still, get someone else to proof read it for obvious mistakes.

Most word processing programmes offer spell checks and grammar checks so the majority of mistakes will be captured using this however, running a human eye over it instead of an automated system, will add common sense and logic to the read or story.

Formatting of the pages is also an important aspect. Make sure there are no page numbers and add page breaks between chapters. Do not add headers or footers as these can corrupt the format and page set up.

Most books are provided in pdf format and double spaced. Images can be used but normally, unless they are professionally created and formatted, can look cheap and tacky.

There are free programmes available on the internet to convert from word, notepad, wordpad into pdf format and using Google again can locate these programmes with instructional videos.

Once converted into pdf, the next step is to offer your eBook up for sale.

Amazon is the world leader in the sale of books and is the first place to upload your digital product for maximum exposure.

You will have to register as a partner or affiliate to begin with and create an account. Simple step by step instructions direct you through the creation of your account, provide support for uploading your product and offer frequently asked questions areas to ensure you are happy with the process.

Most vendors offer bonuses with their offers so this can be imperative to our success. Always give the reader exactly what they want, pretty much straight away when they start reading your eBook and, on receiving the free bonuses, you can be assured that reader will add weight to your reputation, potentially word of mouth referrals and of course, continued income.

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