How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos
How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos
How To Keep Your Visitors On ONLY Your Videos

Hello folks, here at E-Video Agency we want to provide you with good tips and training so if we don’t have time to do it ourselves we are happy to share other people’s videos providing there content is great. Here is one such video that gives tips on How to Keep Visitors to your Videos on YOUR videos within Youtube.

Today I want to show you the first gratuity to my video marketing line, to assist you people making more business through video marketing. There is a lot of marketers out there, allege if you want to do video marketing don’t use YouTube. And the same reasons they said that is because of pertained videos that come from the right side, and if you are at the end of your video, when your video is playing on YouTube.

They believe that the person watching your video could see those thumbnails, and purpose up watching your competitors video. You know what I say to do, bull honkey. Yeah that’s right, I said it, bull honky. Now, there is a proficiency that I developed called The stay with me proficiency. And this is what I use in my video marketing, and my patrons video marketing to restraint the quantity of competitors videos that are displayed on the right-hand side of the page. And at the end of your video. So, I want to show you guys right now exactly how to do this, and what you need to do to do this for your own videos.

So, let’s plow ahead and check it out. Before “were starting”, I want to go over a few happenings. No. 1, I anticipate YouTube is actually vital to your success. I don’t were of the view that you should be avoiding it at all. YouTube is such a potent place, and it gets 4 billion video ideas a era. And since YouTube is owned by Google, it is heavily favored in the search engine decisions. So, if you’re not employing YouTube, it is a horrible correct. You’re not taking your fair share of 4 billion video expressed the belief that get every day. So, the added benefit of YouTube greatly outway the risks of YouTube, especially if you use my stay with me technique to really extinguish your competitors videos from ever showing near yours.

So, letis just get right into the stay with me proficiency. Here i am 2 areas in this, so let us start right into side 1. I call this beating YouTube to the punch. Now, this is a proficiency that I’ve merely started doing myself, so I haven’t done a style of my videos hitherto, but I’m going to be doing it on the end of this video. So, be sure to watch the entire act, and see how I applied this, on this precise video.

Now, I’m sure ??? seen this, but when the video is done playing on YouTube, they throw on a cluster of thumbnails that go to different videos that are related to the video that you’ve just got done watching. It looks something like this. Now this is a great recognize for your competitors videos to be coming up, so this is really important to try to eliminate that from ever happening. You never crave your viewers to identify those death thumbnails at the end of your video. So, this is what you do. When your video is done playing, put in your own thumbnails. And do this when you’re editing your video. You put in 10 or 20 extra seconds at the end of your video, with a pitch-black screen, or a decorated incident. You placed thumbnails of other videos that you have on YouTube. Now, when you’re does so with that, you export it, you upload it to YouTube, and then you create annotations on top of each one of those thumbnails, and attach them to your other videos.

This direction it almost consider this to be that the video is done playing, and the YouTube videos will come up, and people are going to click on them to go insure the other videos. Cool act is, that everything of those videos are going to be yours. So, you’re almost hitting YouTube to the perforate by putting in your own thumbnails, before theirs even show. Now, the other thing you want to do, is set in your call to actions. So, you’re going to take 5 to 10 seconds to be said that, like our page, visit us here, comment on the video.

Or whatever you call the action is. So, formerly you call the actions are done, then you put in a thumbnails to your other videos. There is a few different ways to do this. You can create an purpose frame that shows all your called actions, plus the thumbnails. Or you can do your called actions, then the thumbnails. Both modes are really effective. But the key act is to put your own video thumbnails in the end, and attach them to your other videos. When you’re adding inner annotations, there is one thing to recollect. You have the option when people click on, it is opening to a new window, or keep it within a same window. I always recommend deterring it within the same window.

Don’t open a new one, because what happens is, they get done watching that, they may close that tab, then go back to your original video. Now, the video is almost done, so if they reached play, or they insure the video thumbnails on the right, they may click on those. Always merely keep it within the same window. Now, you’re maybe thinking, what if I have simply one video. The solution to that is easy, get more videos. So, if you own a tile contracting business in Los Angeles, you can do a tile contracting video in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or whatever. Different orientations. Same with any business. If you own a business that is based in local, and you’re doing local videos like that. Just do a site near you, another one near you, and another one near you, and you are able to end up having multiple videos. So, apparently, you’re not be able to do this on your first video, but as you build up more videos and more videos, and more videos, you can start linking them all to each other.

Or, if you just have a regular YouTube channel, merely start forming more how to videos, or more videos on your topic. And then merely begin linking them. So, “theres” maybe one video that doesn’t have a lot of additional thumbnails to put on there, but merely do it to the rest of them. Now, there is a few people already doing this on YouTube. And there is one channel that I want to peculiarity, called The piano guy. This guys are amazing, their music is amazing, and they’re already doing a good job of putting this impression on the end of their videos. So, you should check them out, especially if you like a good music. But, check out how they do this technique on end of their videos.

I’ll have a thumbnail, and this video that you can go and check up their path. So, be sure to watch to the end of the video, and you can check them out there. All right. So, lets move on to side 2 of the stay with me proficiency. This is what I call channel up. Use your paths to your advantage. But this is that actually really powerful, especially if you have a couple of videos in the same niche. For lesson, I did a duet videos on Facebook, marketing on how to create a Facebook disembark page, and how to do a Facebook profile, and anytime person watches those videos, the other one always comes up, the related videos on the right. So, lets check this out. When you upload a video to YouTube, you have the ability to start labeling them with key words.

Now, people always do members of the general key words about the topic that that videos in. One act you need to keep in mind is to always tag your videos with your paths mention. Most likely no one is going to be using your paths mention to tag their videos. So, simply your videos will have your path mention in it. And when that happens, YouTube got to go realise, hey, all these videos have the same tag, that nobody is is utilizing. They should be related, right. So, it is going to start putting all your other videos in the right-hand side of the page, and at the end of all your other videos. So, if you have a duet videos that are in the same niche, and have your path mention in it, it is almost guarantee they’re running to be coming up. So, if you’re doing a lot of Facebook videos, or tile contracting videos, or operating accumulation videos, or restaurants videos, or whatever, and you tag them all with restaurant, your path mention, and even like a town, or something like that, they have the same metropolitan tag and path name.

It is almost guarantee that they’re all start to coming out together. So, if we’re doing local business videos, I would recommend always putting in the district mention, your metropolitan mention, your zip code, and your path mention, that direction all the other videos will always have the same or similar labels, and they always come up next to each other.

I hope you found that advice useful.

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